About A Rubino Christmas

From left to right: Tucker, Kathy, Chris, and John

Growing up, life in the Rubino household revolved around two things; sports and Christmas. There were many winter days and nights spent between double header baseball games and setting up Christmas lights.  As children at the time, going from hitting doubles in the gap to hanging up thousands of lights with our parents was truly the most amazing and rewarding experience.   Christmas has brought our family so much happiniess and memories that will last a lifetime.  We now wish to share this experience with you.  Meet the family!


Tucker Rubino

  • Tucker is the mastermind behind A Rubino Christmas. He designs, controls, and organizes the entire show. He brought the display from being a static hodge podge of lights and figurines to the animated spectacle it is today. Tucker, age 26, is the middle brother and attended Eastern Michigan University where he played shortstop for the Eagles. Tucker now lives in Columbus, Ohio and every Thanksgiving he comes back to Arizona to set up the display and bring Scottsdale some holiday cheer.

Kathy Rubino

  • Kathy is the loving mother of Tucker, John and Chris. She brings the much needed feminine touch to the display, as well as a surprising amount of muscle when setting up the display. Without her, the display would not exist and Tucker, John, and Chris are so thankful for everything she has done for them.

John Rubino

  • John is the youngest Rubino brother and is instrumental in helping Tucker set up the lights. John has also been known to don a red suit and beard and do a little jig. John, age 22, attends Eastern Michigan University where he starts in the infield. Along with Tucker, John makes the trip back to Arizona every Thanksgiving to set up the display.

Chris Rubino

  • Chris is the oldest Rubino brother and was in charge of the display before Tucker added music and made it the spectacle it is today. Chris lives in Nashville and runs the website. His favorite time of the year is when he gets to come home for Christmas to spend his nights watching the display.